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Visiting card printing rates

Like offline printing, the rates for printing visiting cards online varies greatly depending on the volume of cards ordered. The rates for 100 or 200 cards will be significantly higher on a per card basis compared to larger orders for a five hundred or thousand business or visiting cards. An additional factor to be considered while ordering cards online is that the cost of shipping or courier charges can be quite high, especially when the customer is residing in a small town and the order is processed in a large city or metro which is hundreds of miles away

Visiting cards, large companies, design packages

It is observed that offline business owners and employees of large companies, organizations are less likely to be subjected to identity theft or impersonation frauds. hence for these companies or individuals, it may be safer to order their visiting cards online.

There are few companies that offer comprehensive design packages for startups which includes logo design, website design, stationery like visiting card, letterhead design, and supply the stationery initially to reduce the workload of the startup founders

Quantity of visiting cards ordered

The number of visiting or business cards required depends to a large extent on the professional life of the business owner, professional or employee. If the business owner or professional is likely to interact with a large number of people, like in a trade fair or exhibition or any kind of business meeting, the visiting cards are likely to get exhausted soon. Hence it is always advisable to have a sufficient stock of business cards or visiting cards ready. Depending on the work schedule, professionals should find printers who can supply business cards fast, and find out their terms and conditions .

Websites offering/selling visiting cards

Some websites offering/selling visiting cards


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