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Websites offering/selling visiting cards

Some websites offering/selling visiting cards


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Visiting cards for large companies

While in large companies the admin department will arrange for all stationey, including visiting cards for all employees, for a small business owner or professional, arranging for visiting cards can be a time consuming and laborious process, especially in a small town where there are few companies providing visiting cards. The process of designing a logo, card and getting printed cards can take a few days. Often due to lack of sales volume in small towns , the visiting card supplier may be forced to relocate, so the business owner or professional will again have to search for another visiting card supplier, when he or she wishes to order a new batch of visiting cards.

Impersonation, visiting cards

It is not advisable for people who are not well connected, indian paypal account holders and others likely to be subjected to impersonation frauds to order their visiting cards online as the identity theft gang may misuse the card design to order similar cards for their associates.

These identity theft gang members have no morals and no qualms faking their resume, investment and work. It can be very dangerous when a stranger will falsely claim to assume the identity of a person, as the identity thief may commit a financial crime, take a loan, credit card or commit some other crime.

Due to the extremely high levels of corruption in India, those who are involved in imperson frauds are considered high status, respectable, especially in panaji, goa

Visiting cards in small towns, small companies

Companies with more than 10 employees will usually be placing orders for visiting cards regularly and have one or more shortlisted vendors. However smaller online business owners and professionals will not be requiring visiting cards every month, they may want to place an order, once or twice a year. If the visiting card supplier is located in the same town and continues to offer services from the same address, it is not a problem, however it is difficult to trace a person if his or her address has changed. In small towns security and intelligence agency officials shamelessly abuse their powers, torture to harass small business owners, so they are forced to relocate

Indian internet sectors shark is obsessed with visiting cards

Most people working online especially in India do not personally interact with anyone else who is doing similar work, especially if almost all their customers are from foreign countries , and their vendors are not from the same city or state. So some of the small online business owners do not bother to get their business cards printed for some time. However in the shark infested indian internet sector, cunning officials and ceos of large internet companies use the lack of stationery as an excuse to destroy the life, reputation and finances of the small business owner, falsely accusing them of money laundering, having black money, being a security threat, denying them important information to steal the resume for goan sex workers and other frauds like slim goan obc bhandari SEX expert R&AW employee sunaina chodnekar.